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10 killer SEO tips for Blogspot site

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Blogger SEO Tips: is a great platform for blogging. There are tons of tips on the internet about blogspot sites seo. But now a day’s most of the way is harmful for your site. Many people requested me to write a post about “blogspot site seo”. that's why I am researching about the matter how to improve SEO on blogspot site. In my research I have found 10 killer things those are helpful to improve your blog. Below are the tips and tricks that will help you. Read them carefully and apply all of them on your blog to make your blog SEO friendly:

Build your blog for visitor

Never build your blog for search engine.  If any visitor visit your blog and he don’t get useful information what is he wanted. He probably leaves your blog. Search engine is now very sophisticated. If it understands that your blog is not useful for visitor you may lose your page rank. So always keep in mind if visitors like your blog then search engine will like it.

Keyword research:

Keyword Research is an integral part of SEO strategy. It is one of the important key to success. You can choose right keyword for your blog title, description and content by using keyword tool. There are many keyword research tools on the internet. Some are free and some are paid. Among these Google Keyword Planner is the best in my opinion. If you have a google account you can access to Google Keyword Planner. You can use Wordtracker, keyword discovery etc keyword research tool for free.

Optimize Robots Header Tags

Robots header tags are very important to SEO your blog. You can custom your header tags. In blogger’s new interface they added many new features to make it more SEO friendly. One of the new features introduced by blogger’s developers is Custom Robots Header Tags.  It is very easy to use.
just log in to your blogger account >> Go to Setting >> Search Preferences
 Click on selected edit button

Enable custom robot? >> click yes button and simply click on the options as i click in the below image. 
Click on “Save changes” button
congrats :) you did it.

Optimize Robots.txt

To index your blog robots.txt optimization is essential. Googlebot is the crawler of google is crawl and index blogs. It give direction to crawlers how they will index our blogs by using robot text. You can know detail Robots.txt file by clicking bellow link
How to create SEO friendly Custom Robots.txt file

Optimize Post Title

your blog post title is so important. So you need to optimize it. Your port title must content your targeted keyword must. If your blog is now on blogger default template then your need some customization of your template. After customizing your blog template you will notice some positive change in our traffic. Follow the instructions given in below.
How To Optimize Your Blog Post Title

Optimize Image

Image Optimization is so essential for any kind of blog or website. Use image not only for decorate your blog but also for SEO. Proper image optimization can increase your blog page rank. To optimize your blog please follow the instructions given below
Internal linking

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission: if you have followed the above instructions properly then it’s time to submit your blog in google Google’s webmaster tool. To verifying and submitting your blog in google webmaster tool it will be supper fast to crawling and indexing. By submitting your blog in google webmaster tool you can see some current issues like broken link, HTML improvements etc that we must try to resolve.  It’s very easy to submit your blog in GWT. Please follow the instructions to submit your blog in google webmaster tool.

Loading time

Loading time is directly related to your blog’s bounce rate. If any visitor come to your blog and sees it take more time to load then this visitor leave your blog and never come back again. That’s why it’s very important to optimize your blog loading time. There are some effective ways given bellow to optimize your loading time:
    • You can optimize your blog loading time by hosting your blog in a better host.
    • You have to remove all unwanted plug-ins.
    • Image optimizing or resizing is an effective way to improve loading time of your blog.
    • You have to avoid displaying flash file on your blog.
    • Choose a good theme for your blog.
    • Stop using java script in the top of your blog.


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